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Official TROPICAL SOCCER Player Game Shorts (Away)

TROPICAL SOCCER Player Game Shorts Grey

  • **Please add this item to your cart if you are ordering a player package.**


    • Launder uniforms immediately after each wearing.
    • Garments that cannot be laundered promptly should be “rinsed out” in cold water and hung individually on rust proofs hangers.
    • Perspiration fading will occur if uniforms are left “wet” in a pile or in a travel/laundry bag.

    • All garments should be washed in cold water. Rinse-water temperature should not vary more than a few degrees from wash-water temperature.
    • Wash with a “mild” detergent (pH under 10.0) for washing all uniforms.

    Do not use chlorine bleach, or any form of bleaching agent or whitener/brightener. (Extensive fading and /or color bleeding will result.) Do not use fabric softeners or laundry boosters which will cause a breakdown of vinyl materials used for numbers and logos.


    • For best results, uniforms should be hung to drip dry. When tumble drying, use the lowest
    temperature or “air only” setting. Remove all uniforms promptly from dryer. SPECIAL NOTICE: Excessive heat and/or extended drying time will cause
    1- Shrinkage that may alter the size of the uniform.
    2- Irreparable damage to vinyl numbers and logos.
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