The Beginning

Founded in 1999 by Luis “Lucho” Gonzalez, SQUADRA SOCCER was created as a solution to the severe lack of identity in the youth soccer uniform industry. It all started when his 15 year old son Kristian, who is now CEO of the company, was traveling with his team to Y-League National Championship that summer. Lucho was concerned for the team’s identity getting lost in the midst of the dozens of teams that would be playing in the cup that weekend and wanted to ensure maximum exposure for his son and the team who were being scouted by colleges around the US. He took a trip to his birthplace Lima, Peru, and returned with a beautiful custom uniform with the word SQUADRA ("team" in Italian) on front. Three days after arriving in Chicago, they were crowned National Champions and more scouts had approached the players than was ever anticipated, resulting in numerous college scholarships and U.S. Youth National team call-ups.

The Vision

After graduating with his MBA from Florida International University and fulfilling his dream of playing professional soccer along side his brother Luchi (current FC Dallas Head Coach), Kristian was so inspired by his dad’s company that he jumped head first into working with him. This father and son collaboration would produce the revolutionary process they dubbed the Fully-Custom Design System (FCDS). By operating at the grassroots level, they would seek out partners who share their unique vision and grow the business organically. With a vision to compete at a national level, Kristian saw the opportunity to take the business concept even further and spent several years establishing high quality factories in Peru that would operate using the Fully-Custom Design System. Besides being the birthplace of his father, Peru was chosen as the production site for SQUADRA SOCCER based on its reputation as being one of the worlds leading high-quality textile manufacturing nations. In addition to quality, Peru’s high standard for labor conditions is an integral part to the company’s high ethical standards. 

Pride is not only for the pros.

Imagine what it feels like for a professional athlete to put on their brand new uniform for the first time in their career. To know that they are representing generations of dedicated fans who will support their team to no end must be the most rewarding feeling an athlete can ever dream of. Now imagine that this same athlete is 10 years old and playing for their local soccer club. They do not make the millions of dollars and are not global icons, but do they deserve this same sense of pride in representing their community? According to SQUADRA SOCCER, the answer is absolutely and unquestionably YES! We believe that success is a direct result of being prideful in what you do and for whom you do it for. Unfortunately, the dominating brands of today’s soccer uniform market do not agree with our point of view and offer limited second-rate, cookie-cutter options that result in fields crowded with teams who look almost identical to one another. 

What is Fully-Custom?

SQUADRA SOCCER is here to break the mold of mass-produced uniforms and revitalize the culture and heritage that youth soccer clubs have spent decades building. In developing our very own Fully-Custom Design System (FCDS), we are able to design uniform concepts with a level of customization that allows for a perfectly integrated identity. No detail is too small with the limitless possibilities the FCDS offers, and better yet, our professional quality materials and craftsmanship will not only enhance a player’s sense of pride in their club, but also serve as a high-performance instrument to improve their play on the field.


We invite you to join the mission to revolutionize the soccer uniform industry. Now is the time to partner with SQUADRA SOCCER and let us help you design a top-to-bottom custom uniform kit for your club that will not only serve to be worn during gameplay, but also act as an symbol of your players’ heritage that will last for generations.


From all of us as SQUADRA SOCCER, we would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website, and would like to take this opportunity to remind you to always STAND TALL, STAND PROUD, & STAND OUT!


Our mission is to provide ability for every athlete in the world to represent their community's identity with pride.