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                        CLUB ORDER AND DELIVERY WINDOW


                                                                           1.  ORDERS PLACED BY 05/24/2021 WILL BE DELIVERED BY 07/15/2021 

                                                                           2.  ORDERS PLACED AFTER 05/24/2021 AND BEFORE 07/01/2021 WILL BE DELIVERED BY 08/15/2021

                                                                           3.  ORDERS PLACED AFTER 06/30/2021 AND BEFORE 07/16/2021 WILL BE DELIVERED BY 09/01/2021

                                                                           4.  ORDERS PLACED AFTER 07/15/2021 WILL BE DELIVERED BASED ON AVAILABILITY, (IF OUT OF STOCK,

                                                                                ITEMS ORDERED BY THE 7TH OF A MONTH WILL BE DELIVERED BY THE 7TH OF THE FOLLOWING MONTH)    


                                          For questions please email customer service at​      


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